Welcome To Jeevansaar

Jeevansaar was built with a single goal in mind, to shun the misconceptions about disability and help differently abled people lead respectful lives. It is a non-profit charitable trust formed by professionals from diverse fields who joined hands to work for the greater good of the society.

Our community treats mental and physical disability as a societal stigma due to which disabled people find it difficult to live their daily lives as finding work is constant struggle.

The aim of Jeevansaar is to make people aware of the challenges associated with disability and fight the discrimination within the society. We provide support to people seeking aid to make them become self-sufficient.

Our other focus area is women empowerment. Households having disability require support in whichever way possible. We provide vocational training to such mothers & rural women artisans and generate direct employment for them to enable them to become self-sufficient.

Work As a Family

Sponsor a Child

Empowerment of Marginalised Women

Fighting with TABOO